May 31, 2014

Quiksilver’s Justin Riney Begins Everglade Exile

Five, raw months. Time loses structure when you’re alone for that long in the wilderness. In less than 24 hours, I begin my exile to Florida’s Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands. Camping. Survival. Writing. Photography. Film. Solitude. Gators. Crocodiles. Pythons. From June 1st through October 31st, I’ll be exploring and paddling through one of Earth’s most diverse, mysterious, unforgiving, intriguing environments on the planet. The heat, the humidity, the bugs, the tropics–all at their peak.

The tourists migrate north this time of year, and a world that many consider intolerable in the summer months becomes a quiet, familiar paradise for the locals. Florida is wild at heart. She reveals herself to those loyal and curious enough to venture out, leaving the condos and concrete behind. During these next five months, I’m going to show you a side of Florida that you never knew existed. Whether you’re a surfer, a paddler, a fisherman, a diver–perhaps you prefer the snow or woods–you’re going to love the stories and visuals from this vast wilderness. Join me for the ride.

- Justin Riney

Follow Riney as he documents and explores the Everglades this summer on the Riney Ranch Facebook page. He’ll also be posting on Instagram and Twitter once he gets settled in out there.

Top photo: Jackson Berger


Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands. Photo: Justin Riney