August 23, 2011

MIA to NYC Tour

Tony Hawk is touring the East Coast with Kevin Staab, Willy Santos, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Riley Hawk, Clint Walker, David Loy, Shaun Gregoire, and Shawn Hale. We just heard from legendary Quiksilver bus driver MoDaddy on how the tour has been going so far. Here is what Modaddy had to say.

“Well, I met the crew in Miami with the bus and loaded everyone up. Some of these guys sure do travel with a lot of stuff. Our first stop of the tour was in Miami on August 21st, then we hit Tampa August 22nd, and tonight the crew rocked Jacksonville. Not sure how they feel, but this driver is whooped. All of the Florida stops rocked with 1,000s of kids and adults coming out to see the worlds best skate in their hometown. Now that Florida is a wrap, we will load up the Quiksilver bus in the AM and head for Savannah, Georgia where the next demo will take place on Thursday August 25th. If you weren’t in Florida and are hoping to catch these guys while they are on the East Coast, than make sure you catch them at one of the 6 remaining demos. Oh, and if you see the Quiksilver bus on the road, please beep so I stay awake while these guys just sleep in the back.  Thanks in advance, signed by your driver, MoDaddy.”

Keep up the good work MoDaddy and we’ll see you and the Birdhouse crew in New York for the Tony Hawk Vert Jam at Pier 54 on September 2nd!

For tour dates and locations click here.

Birdhouse MIA to NYC 2011 Tour Promo from Birdhouse on Vimeo.