November 2, 2009

Coast to Coast on the Tony Hawk Tour – Entry 7

Day 10: Hilton Mystic Hotel Groton, CT to Hilton Mystic Croton, CT miles
traveled 0

Hello peeps. How is cyber land treating you today?  Anyways this morning we woke up in Croton and started our journey.  Looks like a couple of the guys have found a tag along girl. She is ok looking. She’s nothing to take home to Mom and Dad.  Here name is Courtney and she has more than over stayed her welcome it seems. She spent the night in one of the rooms and crashed dinner last night.  Not paying for a thing.  I watched her mooch drinks off several of the guys.  There always seems to be a roadie on these trips and she is ours.  So as we left the hotel this morning to head to our demo in Westerly Rhode Island, she managed to sneak on.  After having her sign a waiver on the bus I noticed that she was wearing the same clothes as last night.  She also had clearly not showered.  Turns out the guys found her at the park yesterday and she drove to the hotel last night.  We arrived at the demo and the crowd was freaking.  Chanting Tony’s name as we arrived.  Literally after setting the tent up, I was bumped in the back extremely hard by a man. I turned around to give him some lip and I noticed he was an under cover cop. He ran straight into the park and wrestled a 20 something year old kid to the ground and cuffed him.  His Mom and brother were at the park and I found that odd.  Turns out the family knew he had a warrant out for his arrest and were there to watch out for cops.  They just didn’t know undercover cops were coming.  The rest of the demo ran smooth.  Tony killed this park and had the crowd pumped.  After a strong performance he jumped on the bus to cool out before the signing session.  Kids were rocking the bus and chanting his name.  After he cooled down he went outside to do the deal. Everything was running smooth, almost too smooth.  Then bang it happened. Riley came running to the RV obviously in pain.  He was in some serious pain.  After Tony had heard the news he stepped out of super star mode and right into father mode.  He ended up leaving the demo early to take Riley to the hospital.  We wrapped the demo up and headed back to the hotel in Groton.  We had a big day ahead of us the next day so we got some dinner and were off to bed.  Bad boys, bad boys, what you going to do, what you going to do when they come for you.

Day 11: Hilton Hotel Groton, CT to Langham Hotel Boston, MA miles traveled

Today we woke up and got ready to leave.  I was down stairs getting my blog out to you wonderful people out there when Courtney the roadie sat down next to me.  The rest of the skate team had left in the vans already so she asked me if she could get a ride on the bus to Boston.  Sure I could have been nice and say no but I didn’t.  I told her no problem.  I told her that we would be leaving in two hours. I told to her not to be late. She rushed home to drop her car off and take a shower and pack clothes.  As soon as I saw her jump in her car I called MoDaddy and told him we needed to leave fast. Our little Quik crew jumped in the bus and took off.  Sorry Courtney if you read this but you were just not our types.  Anyways we were back on the road going to a big city from a small one.  On the road we got word that Riley was ok.  He had a really bad sprained wrist.  They put a cast on it so he could skate.  The rest of the day was a lay day as the skaters got a chance to skate the streets of Boston.  MoDaddy, Tyson, and I grabbed dunch (lunch/dinner) and a local pub and headed back to the rooms for good night sleep.  See you tomorrow and remember if you want to be a roadie please be smoking hot or we will leave you.  HAHAHA.  Just kidding.  NOT.