December 9, 2010

Wellsy’s Quiksilver Surf Team Hawaii Update

Mikey Wright

Reef McIntosh

Tyler Newton

Tyler Newton

Tyler Newton

Jack Freestone

Tyler Newton

Eli Steele

Tim McDonald

All photos by Mike Coots

The North Shore Winter 2010 is in full swing with 2 of 3 Triple Crown events down, Pipe to go. Parko’s looking like the TC Champ….again. Kind of a bummer Julian Wilson didn’t get to compete after his amazing run in the Hawaii events but he’s qualified for the 2011 World Tour, so bitter sweet for sure! The Eddie Opening Ceremony was very somber according to the boys with the loss of Andy Irons. The Surfer Poll returned to Hawaii, Kelly won, Dane got 2nd, Julian Wilson nailed 9th and Craig Anderson won the Breakthrough Performer of the Year. We’ve had some sweet Team BBQ’s at the Pipe House with Reef holding court on the grill, Ryan Hakman handling business and a guest appearances from Quiky CEO Bob McKnight and Pres Craig Stevenson. When Pipe gets underway we’ll see Kelly Slater square off against local wonder child John Florence and Freddy P against Ace Buchan, Jeremy Flores against CJ Hobgood and Dane Reynolds and Pat Gudang.

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