November 10, 2008

The North Shore Comes Alive

I just wanted to let everyone know what’s going on over here on the front lines on the North Shore of Oahu! I arrived yesterday to perfect 5’ to 6’ Pipeline and Mark Healey getting spit out of the barrel, see attached photo from our photog Daniel Russo and a shot from my camera phone from the front yard here at The Quiksilver Pipe House! Also out at Pipe was Tyler Newton but his attached photo is from a little secret mission with Russo down the coast earlier that morning, yes the boys are working it. Then the phone call came in that Danny Fuller just made the final of the Xcel Pro at Sunset Beach, so I headed down to watch Fuller do battle as the only goofy footer to make the final! Danny got 3rd place and $3K and a chance to battle it out for a Triple Crown spot! Congrats goes out to Danny Fuller.
The boys are ripping and the house was in full effect last night with a BBQ celebration and a mountain of beer was consumed, thanks to the Analog boys for buying the food and the beer. We supplied the house they supplied the beer and food, Analog team rider Kamalei Alaxander also made the final taking 2nd place. Stay tuned for more from the North Shore.

Strider Wasilewski