June 17, 2009

The Fabric of ECHO BEACH



Photo courtesy of www.surf-shot.com

In the 1980’s Newport Beach spawned a new era of high performance surfing and entrepreneurship, establishing Orange County as the focal point of the surf industry and a worldwide influencer of youth culture.

This group of surfers came from different backgrounds and interests, bonded in their surfing and exploded on the scene, creating a unique look and revolutionary style that paralleled changes in music, culture and the innovation of young surf companies such as Quiksilver.

Flashy wetsuits, colorful surfboards, and a new wave attitude created a surfing Mecca that was to impact the surfing community around the world and give rise to a global industry. Photographers, surfers, surfboard shapers, magazines and clothing companies all came together to create this movement, which was focused on a one hundred yard stretch of sand known as ECHO BEACH. Newport legend and director Jeff Parker and producer Stefan Jeremias chronicle this era in a documentary appropriately named ECHO BEACH.

STAY TUNED! Over the next few months we’re going to meet up with some of the pivotal characters behind this project. Getting to know the filmmakers, artists, shapers, musicians and photographers who were the fabric of ECHO BEACH. Also, check in for updates on the ECHO BEACH summer tour and art show as well as the release of the DVD in September.

To see the trailer go to www.echobeachfilm.com or for more info contact info@echobeachfilm.com