May 30, 2012

The 2012 Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile Extends Waiting Period To June 15

PUNTA DE LOBOS, Pichilemu, Chile (May 30, 2012) – The Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile presented by MINI will reach the end of its original 60-day contest window on May 31–but with large swells still consistently forming in the region, event organizers have extended the waiting period to June 15. The Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile, the first stop on the Big Wave World Tour, is one of the world’s most anticipated big wave events. Extending the event window allows more time for the break to produce its notoriously massive surf and perfect tubes behind Punta de Lobos’ famous “morros,” which can reach heights of over 20 feet (40-foot wave faces) in the Spring.

“The normally consistent wave machine that is Punta de Lobos, Chile hasn’t yet delivered the conditions we have been anticipating,” said Gary Linden, Big Wave World Tour Director and Contest Director. “So as not to lower the high standards we have held to in the past, Quiksilver has decided to extend the waiting period until June 15, hoping that patience will pay off.”

Legendary big wave surfers, including Jamie Sterling, Kohl Christensen, Carlos Burle, Marcos Monteiro, Peter Mel, Cristian Merello, Greg Long, Gabriel Villarán, Mark Healey, Jaimie Mitchell, Danilo Couto, Rusty Long, Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Ramón Navarro, Diego Medina, Fernando Zegers, Joao De Macedo, Felipe Cesarano, Nathan Fletcher, Ken Collins, Frank Soloman, Ian Walsh, Ben Wilkinson, and León Vicuna, are set to compete for a prize purse of $20,000.

For continued information and weekly forecasts for the 2012 Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile please visit  The 2012 Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile is made possible by MINI.