May 31, 2008

Tavarua Update through the lens of Fred Patacchia

The waves are flat and the days are getting longer here on Tavarua Island. Tennis, paddle surfing and ping pong have been my main source of entertainment. Leaving the island would be a good change of scenery for most of us. Luckily a group of us decided to pack our day bags and head to Nadi for a couple beers and a round of golf. Myself, Andy, Pancho, Kelly and the other golf fanatics jumped on the speedboat and were 20 minutes away from the first tee at the Sheraton Golf course. Andy and I were head to head going into the back nine, Pancho was smoking us and Kelly was at his usual even par. My claim to fame was at the 18th hole. It was a par 5 and I was down 1 stroke to Andy. He thought he had it in the bag until I hit my 9 iron
from 120 out and stuck it tight to the flag. I drained my putt for Birdie and Andy two putted for par. We tied the day at 99 not the best scores ever, but breaking 100 and not losing to Andy always puts a smile on my face. Days like these are fun, but everyone on the island including myself is praying for surf. Event officials are claiming swell is going to hit on Monday. Can