March 1, 2014

Takes One To Know One: Dane Reynolds

From his grommet days, Dane Reynolds talks us through his love for surfing as he digs through boxes of drawings he did as a kid. What grom hasn’t drawn picture after picture of waves, a little stick figure deep in the barrel? Yep, we relate to that.

Dane’s perpetual scribblings and storytelling as a grom matured into a bonafide artist. His Marine Layer Productions rolls out films, photography and graphics loved by his fans and admired by his contemporaries.

Then there’s his surfing.

“He’s a guy who’s pretty much every good surfer in the world’s favorite surfer,” said Kelly Slater of Dane.

Shot in Hawaii and around his home breaks in Ventura, California, ‘Takes One To Know One’ is a glimpse of Dane at his best, showing us his signature style of spontaneity and surprise like it’s no big thing.

We made him a custom boardshort to road test in Mexico, too. Made from eco fabric and innovative design, the Dane Boardshort – like Dane – is style meets performance.

Stay tuned for the Quiksilver x Desillusion ‘This is Dane’ 15-minute video and book both due out on March 15.