May 1, 2009

Surf Artist Phil Roberts- How to draw a portrait

In Hollywood Phil Roberts is recognized as one of the top movie poster illustrators. I was at his studio because he is creating the art for the upcoming IMAX film, Ultimate Wave Tahiti featuring Kelly Slater. As I watched him sketch potential versions of the poster I was absolutely amazed by his ability to draw a portrait.



5 TIPS from Phil Roberts on drawing a portrait:

1) I like to do a preliminary caricature sketch of the person to break down the elements of the face that make that person unique and it helps me loosen up. It’s good to refer to later if I feel I didn’t “nail it” for answers. It’s how I capture personalities and keep it lively.

2) In sketching out the faces proportions to make sure the basic structure is “on the money” and that nothing is out of proportion or line.

3) Keep it simple, rough out a large blocking of the figure your doing. Life is evident thru spontaneous strokes and staying loose.

4) Step back every once in a while to see the big picture.

5) God is in the details. pick your areas of detail carefully and do them well. It’s the finishing touches the separate the pros from the amateurs.

Watch Phil draw a quick portrait as he offers some helpful suggestions.