March 1, 2009

Striders Australia Blog: Training Day Wrap Up- No Pun Intended!

Strider and the crew are over the hump into the final day of training with Cainy and when disaster strikes!

Strider-” Our trip wrapped up the final day of training camp with a bang or an almost fatal fin cut! Clay Marzo was on fire after telling me he didn’t want to do the camp any more the day before, he showed up shredding and doing 3 to the beach like he was a contest machine! On his last wave he shanked his arm with his fin coming about an eighth of an inch away from the main artery in his left arm. I missed the gory shot with all the blood, thought the guy was going to die right there as blood was pulsing all over the place but once I, Dr. Waz MD stopped the bleeding, it was not that bad and the lifeguard came and wrapped it up. We went to the hospital for a few stitches and X Ray to make sure he was ok!
Port Mac. local and WCT Pro Mick Campbell came down and showed the boys a few things as well, guy rips and was great to have there showing his routine to the boys.
On the road tomorrow so I will be back on with more from the road and the Gold Coast!”