March 1, 2009

Striders Australia Blog: The Goldy or Bust!

Striders patience is put to the test as he and the grommets embark on the 6hr drive up to the Goldy!

Strider-” Road trip, sounds fun but with the same rap music and 3 groms for 6 hours on the road it gets little old! But all good and it was a pretty smooth ride. Clay got ready with his neck brace, Hungry Jacks now has all our money and the guys really had to piss a lot! I got them to model a little at the truck stops but they really did not want to stop on the way to check out the sites! All they could think about was Snapper, waves were really fun and the boys just about lost it when they saw the apt over looking the bank! Out there for a surf, I actually caught a career wave! I figured it was payment for getting the guys there safe…..ah the rewards of being the boss!
Kelly Zaun got to meet Travis Lee the CI team manager, TK and Pete Mel had just finished warming up the line up for us, Belly was tuning one of his team riders mom on the beach and Julian Wilson and brother/ manager Bart were caught stealing 6 boards from the Carool Complex! All in a days work, more to come.”.