February 26, 2009

Strider’s Australia Blog: Layovers can be fun!!!

After 14 hours of flight time the boys landed in Sydney only to discover they missed their connecting flight to Port Macquarie where the they’ll go visit with Mick Cain to train and work on some competitive surfing Aussie style!

Strider “Been here a few days and everyone is still alive after my driving on the wrong side of the road!!!! Kelly Zuan, Balaram and I had a 6 hour layover in Sydney so we took the train to the sights! Checked the Opera House, went up in the tallest building and saw this chick squeeze into a box! Pretty fun adventure and it was a cake walk having Balaram navigate the subways with his his NYC experience!
 Had our first day of training and it was an all out barrel fest, Balaram and Clay Marzo (Clay came in a day later and missed the sight seeing) who got about 100 tubes and Kelly and I got about 99! Boys are ripping and Clay got into the trials yesterday so this camp is perfect timing! He is so pumped he is coming out of his skin and Balaram and Kelly cant wipe the smiles off there faces after getting shacked with Clay in Oz there first time here with no one out!
 Will check in soon with some shots of the waves tomorrow.”