February 3, 2009

Santa Cruz Ripper Kyle Buthman’s North Shore Blog #6


Healey and the ones that didnt get away! foto: KB




Fun right? foto: KB



another sunset on the Pipe House Lanai. foto: KB


I guess were getting closer to another swell coming in so thats good! The last few days were below average. It was about knee high the first couple of days and yesterday there were waves but the wind was bad. Oh well just a few lay days in Paradise? Still been surfin’ but just not all day. Reef left to Tahiti for a week so I hope he is scoring over there! He cooked up some killer fresh fish that Healey caught the night before he left. No one else at the house is into football so we all made bets on the superbowl so it would be fun to watch. We were all freaking out at the end of the game and luckily for me the Stealers took it and made me $20 bucks.

 Balaram Stack, Ryan Hakman and Jesse (from Kauai) are all staying at the house now so its fillin back up…-K.B.