June 5, 2009

Quiksilver Travel Blog 4 from Nicaragua

The 4th and final update from Mike Jensen on his Quiksilver Travel surf trip to Nicaragua.

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A new swell that rolled in Thursday night made for epic conditions on Friday and Saturday.  This was the Nicaragua we had hoped for – consistent head high, peeling sets with steady offshore winds.  Our crew spent both days rotating between the Colorados beach break (which was setting up for some nice stand up barrels) and the nearby Panga Drops (a big but forgiving offshore peak that’s like skiing waist deep powder – everyone’s a hero).  The often annoying quote “my legs are sore from surfing so much” actually rang pretty true if my arms were my legs.

Overall, the trip was a great success.  Quiksilver, Tom Eberly and his crew run a wonderful operation that is truly the best value around.  Like everywhere, Nica conditions are swell sensitive, but we had great surf six of the nine days – tough to beat.  Can’t say enough about the folks we met along the way either – truly a unique and quality group of people that made the experience that much more enjoyable.

As for me, after a minor scare at the airport, I made it back to Seattle in one piece.  I also called Aunt Sue to tell her thanks for reading my blog and letting everyone know about my 95 year old grandpa’s birthday party.  We all are having withdrawls and already talking about going back.

Now I need to go get weird.

Mike Jensen