May 29, 2008

Quiksilver ISA World Jr Championships Hossegor, France Day 4

ALLEZ ALIZEE!!!!Sage Carve!TEAM BRAZIL VAI VAI!!!!Allez Alizee!!!!!!!!There Is No Dry Land

The lay day call was a great one as Day 4 provided clean contestable conditions in the 1-3ft range on our beloved Le Penon sand bank. With an impending rising tide it was a must to get the U18 Girls out before it got swamped out. Nathalie Martins of Brazil opened the morning in heat one with a strong performance as heat 2 saw US team member Sage Erickson blow up backed by her team mate Amy Nicol in heat 3. The girls had tough work as conditions fattened up the waves and the call was finally made to go on hold and let the tide do its thing. Tides here in France has approx. a 30ft difference in the high and low so you could imagine what this would do if it were in a place like California or even Florida? Malibu and Melbourne Beach would be under water! We were called back at 1:00pm and competition was resumed and we saw great surfing from Alizee Arnaud and former ISA World Champ from Brazil 2yrs ago Pauline Ado both team France use local knowledge to easily advance. Other notable female wave demolition was displayed by Page Hareb (NZL), Diana de Souza (BRA), Coco Ho and Leila Hurst (HAW) and Aussie upstart Laura Enever. You could see doom coming from the south over the Pyrenees as a black thunder storm was making its way towards us as if it were Godzilla. Before long the heavens opened up, thunder cracked from Thor’s Hammer and lightning bolts straight from Zeus himself rendered conditions unsafe for surfing and the contest was called for the day.

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