June 22, 2012

Quiksilver Camp – California Groms

Our annual grom camp recently took place in our backyard of Huntington Beach and the surrounding beaches. Clay Marzo, Balaram Stack, Matt Banting and Garrett Parkes are just a few of the names that have gone through the program and on to success. Aussie super trainer, Mick Cain, joined the camp for the fourth year in a row to give all the Quiky groms some expert advice on how to further their surf careers…and looking at Mick’s track record he certainly knows what it takes to motivate the groms to get results. Tommy Knox the originator of the “Fast Twitch” muscle exercises joined the crew as well teaching the kids a few routines that they can easily do on the road to increase their shredding abilities. Beyond that it was all surfing, surfing and surfing.