September 26, 2011

Quiksilver City Of Newport Beach Championship Presented By Jack’s Surfboards

This weekend I was lucky enough to be part of the 23rd Annual Quiksilver City Of Newport Beach Championship Presented By Jacks Surfboards. The two day event saw small but contestable conditions for the 133 contestants. This great local event has helped support the up coming youth and the older competitors show off there skills year in and year out. Each of the 7 divisions of surfers were stoked to get the hottest 100 yards of Newport Beach to themselves this past weekend. All in all the event was a huge success for the competitors and the community of Newport Beach. I want to give a special thanks to the City of Newport Beach for letting us take over the beach for the weekend. I also want to thank Jack’s Surfboards, Surfer Magazine, Brillo Productions, Felt Bikes, Todd Kline, Chad Wells, and everyone else that helped out with the event. I hope to see you all down there next year.


Open Mens:
1st Bobby Okvist
2nd Blake Davis
3rd Joe Alani
4th Victor Done

1st Mackie Albertson
2nd Keisha Maghanoy
3rd Mackenzie Rice
4th Summer Shorey
5th Izzy Morris

1st Tyler Gunter
2nd Sebastian Williams
3rd Luke Davenport
4th Billy McCoy

Middle School:
1st Tyler Gunter
2nd Hunter Barrett
3rd Alex Schwarzenbach
4th Kingston McCarthy

High School:
1st Blake Davis
2nd Charlie Hawthorne
3rd Chandler Norton
4th Matt Porteous

1st Bryan Doonan
2nd Nicoli Glazer
3rd Chad Chamberlian
4th Duane Toole

1st Nicolai Glazer
2nd Jason Shook
3rd Todd Miller
4th Mike Estrada