February 27, 2012

Phil’s Blog # 3 – Quiksilver Gold Coast

Today was a short day at the comp for me – mostly because it was so darn hot out and I just wanted to get back in the water.  Dane inspired me and I bought one of his Neck Beard shapes, and I took it out to the other side of the contest at Duranbah, where the waves were a little steeper and faster.  For me, anyways.  Watching the best of the best tear apart a mushy waist-high wave down the beach from Snapper at Greenmount makes you want to paddle out and join them – until you realize you are definitely not them!  But it’s still inspiring to watch nonetheless.

From this morning’s action, here’s a couple shots of Bede Durbidge killing it during his heat against Michel Bourez, but the Spartan was too much for him and took the heat.  There’s also another pic of 17-year old Kolohe Andino, who unfortunately lost out in round 3 of his first ASP world tour contest against Adriano de Souza.  I’m sure we are going to see lots more of him in the future.  Tomorrow might be a lay-day, so I’m gonna find out what else there is to offer on the Goldy!

Watch all the action live at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast site.

Bede surfed well but was overtaken by the Spartan. Photo: Phil

Kolohe giving it his all against Adriano de Souza. Photo: Phil