June 24, 2008

Pete Mel reports from the Jay Moriarity Paddle in Santa Cruz

6/21/08 Saturday

After a long stressful night hoping that my in-laws home didn’t burn in the Trabing fire, I woke up to another seventy degree dawn patrol. I got word that they had a very close call, they only lost a small barn and there house was spared by inches. Thank you CDF.

My son (John John) and I arrived at New Brighton Beach for the “Jay Paddle” at 7 am. The ocean was as smooth as silk and the water was uncharacteristically warm. This was my first time coming out to support this event. I have never been much of a paddle boarder, I figure, I do enough paddling when I surf. I got elected to do the commentary on the beach which turned out to be pretty fun. Watching the kids do there races was exciting. My boy John John won his division. Yea I’m a proud Dad!!! The guy who won the 12-mile race did it in record time. I think it was just under 2 hours. It was a course record.