August 17, 2012

Mike Coots on Shark Week

It was 1997 when Mike Coots, a photgrapher friend of Quiksilver, crossed paths with an overly aggressive Tiger shark off Kauai. Going into survival mode, Mike blasted the shark in the nose freeing his leg from its jaws but not before it had bit his foot completely off. Since the attack, Mike has no hard feelings towards what happened and has continued to photograph surfing from the land and water in addition to devoting his life to saving sharks.

Mike has traveled to the United Nations and the U.S. Capitol to advocate for shark conservation and even more recently has appeared on Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week”.

SHARK FIGHT, the show Mike was featured in, will be encoring on Saturday, August 18th, at 9pm and 11pm as well as Sunday at 2pm (both ET/PT).

Mike Coots heading out with his camera and surfer Shyama Buttonshaw. Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel