February 22, 2012

Mark Healey On Giant Cloudbreak And His 9’0” Quad

TransWorld SURF has the inside scoop on the 9′ 0” quad shaped by Gary Linden that Mark Healey rode during the giant Cloudbreak swell last summer. According to Healey “its really got a lot of tail-rocker and when I first got this board from Linden and saw how much tail-rocker was in it I was actually scared. I thought it was going to be a widow-maker and then I finally rode the thing and it works amazing and when it actually gets going I can start pumping this board in the barrel….”. Seriously? pumping a 9′ 0″ in the barrel at massive Cloudbreak…pure craziness. Stoked that Healey decided to give this board a go and remember you never know what board is going to be magical until it’s ridden.