November 21, 2011

Mark Healey Discusses the ‘Eddie’ on ESPN

“There’s really nothing else like it in surfing,” Healey says. “Nothing touches the Eddie, anybody will agree. There are a lot of other big waves and there are even bigger waves out there, but the thing about the Eddie is the history and the legacy of it. When it finally happens, the energy that’s in the air, the amount of spectators, the waves themselves, and the people you’re surfing with all come together to create this incredible sensation. You’re out there with the highest caliber big wave surfers in the world, all together at one place at one time, to showcase what the current level of big wave surfing really is, pay tribute to the history of it all, and pay your respects to Eddie Aikau, who really epitomized what surfing is all about. Big wave surfing started at Waimea and it’s the same wave it was back then. It’s the only place in the world where you can compare yourself to the all-time greats, the forefathers of surfing, going all the way back to the 1950s.”

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