November 4, 2011

Kanoa Igarashi Wins Boys 14 and Under GromSearch North America

Congrats Kanoa Igarashi for taking top honors in the Boys 14 and Under GromSearch North America! Right out of the gates, Kanoa went to town on a solid left hander with a flurry of critical tight lip blasts in the pocket and proceeded to never look back with the field needing a combination of two scores to catch him.¬†Props go out to Quiky’s John Mel for his 2nd place finish in the Boy’s 12 and Under and Noa Mizunos for taking 3rd in the same division.

Travis Lee and Kanoa Igarashi. Photo: Nate Lawrence

Kanoa’s backside attack. Photo: Dan Warbrick

Boys 14/Under winner Kanoa Igarashi (left) along with fellow finalists Seth Moniz, Josh Moniz , and Jake Marshall. Photo: Dan Warbrick