December 16, 2010

Jeremy Flores Wins Pipe Masters!

ASP Ranked # 14 Jeremy Flores takes out #20 rated surfer Kieren Perrow in the Pipe Masters final! Jeremy clutched up vs Kelly Slater in the Semi earning a 7.93 for a small but lengthy Backdoor barrel in the dying minutes to upset the 10x Champ. In the final he fell behind against Perrow needing a combination of scores; Jeremy dropped a 5.17 and dished out the clincher 9.37 surpassing Kieren’s 13.78 with his 14.54 total points for the win. Jeremy is the 1st European surfer to ever win the event in its 40yr history….career best finish to date.

Mad Props & Massive Congrats to Jeremy Flores!!!!

Check out photos and video below. And click here for the full story of the Pipe Masters  finals and Jeremy’s win on Surfline.