August 12, 2010

Jason Murray Big Wave Photography Show At ASR

Goliaths of the Pacific – An adventure in Big Wave Photography by Jason Murray.

For the last ten years, a small group of skilled waterman have been chasing big swells around the globe. Jason Murray has documented their journey as the surfers challenged nature, themselves and the limits of big wave surfing.

This weekend at ASR Jason Murray showcases his archival print collections of his numerous adventures across the Pacific in search of the largest waves the world has ever seen. Pull up a ringside side seat at Teahupoo, sit in the channel for a ground breaking paddle session at the Cortes Bank or yell at the top of your lungs as Mark Healey escapes certain death at Yeti.

Please join Jason at The Foundation Lounge located in the middle of the floor at ASR

For more info on Jason Murray’s photography visit