October 3, 2013

Jake Marshall Wins King of The Groms World Final

It’s a tradition now, the Quiksilver King of the Groms final is held during the Quiksilver Pro France and gathers every year, the under 16 world’s best surfers.

This year, the King of the Groms was inaugurating a new digital qualification format. After posting a video featuring their best waves, the kids were selected for the great final in France by a regional jury made of surf industry professionals and public. Finally, 15 groms travelled to France along with 3 wildcards to compete in the 2013 Quiksilver King of the Groms.

After surfing 3 non elimination rounds each, every surfer was ranked by the official ASP judges according to his performances on his 3 best waves. A the end, the top 3 groms were allowed to surf the final today at La Gravière, Hossegor.

Event’s revelation Jake Marshall (USA) defeated the new Asp Junior European Champion Leonardo Fioravanti thanks to a great wave surfed in the dying seconds of the heat and awarded by the final’s highest score – 8,77 points out of 10. Despite surfing strong and scoring the only 10 point ride of the competition, Fioravanti takes the KOTG second place while Kanoa Igarashi places third. Marshall, a 14 years old surfer from Cardiff by the sea in California, becomes the new King of the Groms after Mikey Wright, Gabriel Medina, Jeremy Flores or Aritz Aranburu in the past years.


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