December 14, 2011

How To Stay Warm This Winter With Balaram Stack

While the surf media has their eyes trained on the sunny, warm waters of Hawaii, dedicated surfers in the North East are busy chipping the ice off their windshields and scraping the frost off their 5/4mm fullsuits. For this week’s installment, Surfer Magazine is paying homage to those of you who won’t be spending December in boardshorts. To help keep you warm,‎ they consulted with Quiksilver team rider and New York local Balaram Stack to gain some insight into staving off frostbite this winter.

Get Balaram’s insight on surviving a frigid winter here and stay warm with a Quik wetsuit.

Although Balaram is used to frigid water in the winter, there are few colder spots than this Canadian right-hander. Photo: