February 13, 2012

Healey’s Mavericks Lefts

Mark Healey is a nutcase and in his constant quest to challenge himself in the ocean he decided to recently take on the left at Mavericks. With Hawaii’s conditions looking unfavorable last week, Healey made a last minute decision to  jump on a plane to Northern California and charge the line less traveled at Mavericks. According to Healey he “had one of the the worst beatings he’s ever had out there. It was definitely a flogging”. He continued with “that left is totally doable you just really need to pick your wave right. It’s one of the better big wave barrels on the planet, I think. But you got to roll the dice. You’re going into the belly of the beast over there”. After the session Surfer Magazine gave Healey a ring to find out what motivates him to push his luck in Northern California.

Check out week 12 of the Weekly Waimea reports with footage of Healey going left at Mavs.

Mark Healey, looking to backdoor the left at Mavericks. Photo: Glaser