May 27, 2008

Globe Fiji Pro Round 3 Update

We lost some soldiers today. We lost Jeremy, Aritz, and Travis. Slates surfed against Occy today and ripped. No tubes he had some huge turns. Round 4 for Slates will surf against fellow Floridian, Damian Hobgood. My guess is, a Floridian will win this one. But the winner will be from Cocoa Beach. That will be a good one. Speaking of good heats, Fred Patacchia went nutz today. He ripped the bag out of Cloudbreak and comboed 3x World Champ Andy Irons. Freddy was on fire and will face Adriano de Souza in round 4. The forecast does not look good for the next few days but that is OK. The boys are going crazy on the tennis court and fishing. I will post some classic photos tomorrow. Some thug stole my USB cable. Stay tuned!