January 11, 2012

Get on Board…Win a Trip for 2 to the Mentawai Islands

Now that we have your attention, Quiksilver Travel, Quiksilver Foundation and The Quiksilver Initiative are all proud sponsors of this epic project to help spread the messages of sustainability in our industry.  The initiative is called “Get On Board” and will culminate in a 10 day Mentawai boat trip on board Quiksilver Travel’s partner boat, Melaleuca, boarding in Padang March 7 and debarking in Padang March 18, with Quiksilver team rider Balaram Stack along to keep your surfing inspired.

And front and center to the effort is an online fundraising initiative to benefit the great humanitarian work Surf Aid has been doing and continues to do with the prize being 2 spots on the boat trip to the top fundraiser.

Our objectives with this project are to highlight the many accomplishments, challenges and opportunities associated with sustainability in the surf industry, both social and environmental.  We will be including on the trip ambassadors from Surf Aid, San Diego State University’s “Center for Surf Research”, the Quiksilver Foundation, and Quiksilver Travel…not to mention still and video documentarians to get it (and your surfing) all down for posterity.  It will be a great showcasing of not only what has been accomplished, but also what is left to do.

Join the fundraising efforts here.

Only citizens of the USA are eligible to win.