October 6, 2010

Gabriel Villaran Wins Fall 2010 Innersection!

With an entire continent and some big waves behind him, Gabriel Villaran earns the highest ratings and most individual Innersection.tv segment views ever for his submission to the global surf video contest. Villaran filmed his video part for Innersection.tv’s contest in breaks off of Hawaii, Peru and Indo. This is the second segment that the Peru-native will have in a film project associated with Taylor Steele following his tube laden shots in this year’s film, Castles in the Sky.

“Having the surfers and fans in Peru behind me was an enormous benefit, for which I’m very grateful,” says Villaran. “Now it’s back to work for Kyle and I, polishing up the footage to make it really shine for the DVD and all-important last vote.”

Having won the fall 2010 round of entries with an average rating of 5.7 and 5600 views, Villaran is now guaranteed a segment in the collaborative video project, Innersection. Villaran has two months to improve on his segment before the final DVD releases on December 2010. The final Innersection DVD will include the year’s top 20 sections. From this group viewers will decide which surfer/filmer team’s section deserves the grand prize of $100,000.