January 14, 2009

Eddie Swell Update; Event Will Not Go This Week

Wednesday 1/14/09: All bets are off for The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau running in the next few days. A combination of factors come into play including borderline wave heights, time of arrival of the swell, and strong, adverse winds. Buoy 51001 showed a major jump at around 5am this morning and the forecast is for wave face heights of up to 35 feet at their peak late tonight. At 9am on Wednesday morning, waves are only measuring face heights of less than 10 feet. The first swell will peak tonight and then be reinforced by another swell of similar size on Friday, persisting into the weekend. The major negative at this time is the onset of super strong SW to W winds – gusting up to 60mph – starting tomorrow and pushing into Friday. These winds, coupled with remnants of the first swell and the arrival of the second, will make for confused, messy conditions. These winds will also ruin conditions on the West Side of Oahu, likely destroying any potential for the Quiksilver Ku Ikaika Challenge, sponsored by C4 Waterman.
-Jodi Young