June 30, 2009


What is Echo Beach you ask? Check out the first post for a more thorough definition but…

ECHO BEACH- the place- is a surfing hot spot found in Orange County, CA between 52nd and 56th Street
ECHO BEACH- the Era- was a time in the 80’s when flashy wetsuits, colorful surfboards, and a new wave attitude established Orange county as a surfing Mecca that was to impact the surfing community around the world and give rise to a global industry.
ECHO BEACH-the film- is a documentary that chronicles this groundbreaking era in surf history.

ECHO BEACH was an era deeply rooted in various forms of art. With a very distinct and unique style of bright wetsuits, colorful surfboards, and flashy, eye-catching fashion and an attitude to match it was fertile ground for young surf brands like Quiksilver. Whether expressed through photos, music, clothing, or even surfing, there was a statement to be made. The makers of the film ECHO BEACH have decided to organize an art show that combines paintings, photographs and frame grabs from the film along with other artifacts that capture the essence of the era.

ROSS MORGAN DOES ECHO BEACH: Featured in the art show is a Newport Beach local, Ross Morgan, who was also a character in the film. His painting titled “Fuzzy Goes To Echo Beach” is almost a caricature of Newps in the 80’s depicting the ripping legends of the time.
For filmmakers Jeff Parker and Stefan Jeremias this collaboration couldn’t have made more sense. Morgan, although a grom at the time, was very much a part of the Echo Beach scene. These were his friends, this was his home. Morgan paid particular attention to every last detail even painting each surfer in the exact wetsuit that they wore at the time. Jeff and Stefan plan to use it as an interactive legend on their site, that allows you to scroll over different areas of the painting to get more info. The Echo Beach art is currently up at The Closet at 1800 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa and will be traveling to LA and NYC this summer.

Learn more about this collaboration and watch Ross Morgan put the finishing touches on the painting…