March 1, 2013

Destination: Spring Break, Puerto Rico

Untouched beaches and nonstop energy are two of Puerto Rico’s best features. It’s got the best blend of both city and countryside, with San Juan’s Miami-like party atmosphere and the more relaxed, charming towns that surround it. Oh yeah, Kelly won his 10th Title there too.

Need some help planning a trip to PR? We have some suggestions…

1. La Concha Resort  (SLEEP)

This Renaissance resort features a more low-key, relaxing environment combined with modern design. San Juan;

2. Punto de Vista   (EAT/DRINK)

Come for the authentic and tasty Puerto Rican food, not the décor. You’d be insane not to order their famous mofongo (the shrimp variety is a standout). 1 Calle Juan Antonio Coretejas, San Juan; (787) 729-7575

3. Our Fave Surf Spots:

Crash Boat (Aguadilla)

Wilderness (Aguadilla)


Tres Palmas

Jobos (Isabela)

Middles (Isabela)

4. El Batey (PARTY)

This dive bar can get a little rowdy, so pull up a barstool, play some tunes on the jukebox, and bring a Sharpie or white-out pen to leave your mark on the graffitied walls. Calle de Cristo 101, San Juan; (787) 723-7657

5. Da House  (SLEEP)

This funky, artistic hotel is wallet-friendly and memorable. Come prepared with earplugs in case you get an exterior room; on the plus side, the rooftop hot tub is awesome. Old San Juan;

6. El Churry  (EAT/DRINK)

Look for the bright green food trucks and make a stop for this late-night institution. Hearty sandwiches piled high with meat, crispy potato sticks, and toppings are in your future. San Juan;

7. Nuyorican Café (PARTY)

This is a classic late-night spot for live music and salsa dancing, especially on weekends. Nuyorican attracts locals and travelers alike, so be prepared to meet new people. San Juan;

8. Pinky’s  (EAT/DRINK)

Stop by this deli in Condado for cheap breakfast sandwiches and huge fruit smoothies. 1451 Ashford Avenue, Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico; (787) 222-5222

9. Bioluminescent Bay, Vieques

Take a tour at night to see millions of glowing creatures and the amazing aquatic life in this bay.

10. Surf Zone  (SHOP)

This solid little shop is tucked away in the Ramey Base area above Surfer’s Beach; it offers cool gear and surf rentals.

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Slater clinched his 10th Title in Puerto Rico and grew up in nearby Florida so you know he's a fan.

Wouldn't mind spending Spring Break right here.

Welcome to Puerto Rico, with some luck and a little planning this could be you.