January 20, 2014

Dane Reynolds “Loaded” Premiere + Volvo Giveaway

Loaded started shortly after i finished Slow Dance and i wanted to do a video documenting the premiere tour, but i was also doing a little video piece with taylor knox, and i had the idea of cramming it all together without context and calling it ‘Loaded.’ then it gathered steam and i wanted to keep filming for it and here we are in january 2014 and it’s all coming together and neither of those things are even barely showcased but it has turned into something bigger, and ummm… it’s premiering FEB 1st at the Ventura Theater and i’m giving away my trusty old volvo. yep. -Dane


are you coming to the loaded premier? wanna win my volvo? got a funny ID photo? heres what you do: post a photo of your drivers license pic and hash tag #gimmedatcardane. i’ll select a winner based on ‘so surf it hurts’ criteria. i’m talking wetsuit tans, sunscreen, sunburn, salty face etc. although i’ll be stoked on anything that makes me laugh. MUST come to the premier to enter this contest! 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well…

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