August 6, 2008

Boom Boom Huck Jam – Virginia Beach Update

What’s up ladies and gents? This it Peter, the newest addition to the Huck Jam road crew. We just finished up with the Virginia Beach show and it was awesome. All the athletes had 5 days off to cruise back for the X Games so they were all fresh and ready to put on a good show…

Making his Huck Jam debut was Kevin Robinson. This guy came flying outta the gates. He was the only bmx rider on this event and he came ready to rock; throwing down a no handed flare followed by another flare. U N R E A L!


Putting on a great show for his home town was Sergie Ventura. The crowd seriously went nuts when he stood up and dropped in. Even though, Tony Hawk’s name is on the tour, Sergie stole this show. Not to say that the other riders didn’t do well, but Sergie killed it.