June 14, 2009

Bodysurf Photographers Wanted

heywoodteeRyan Heywood is an extremely talented Australian photographer whose work has been exhibited around the globe. He came to my attention because his work is featured on a Quik t shirt this spring (look right). But when I contacted him, it wasn’t his photography that he wanted to talk about, it was Bodysurf.

Bodysurf is an online zine, inspired by a love for the water, that is open to contributions from all over the world. “I created bodysurf last year because I wasn’t enjoying the mags I’d loved since I was a kid. so I made something about what I still love , swimming in the ocean. I like this concept because its not a subject strictly for the elite. everyone does it…its one of my favorite all time projects.” says Heywood. Check out a few of the images below.


Photo of Dane Reynolds by William Sharp


Photo by (L) Simon Melnyk (R) Kerry Down


Pedro Ramos


(L) Jeff Livingston (R) Kerry Down


(L) Eugene Tann (R) Ryan Heywood

Click images to see the entire 1st and 2nd bodysurf webzines.



The third issue is in the works so submit your images!

For more on Heywood check out his blog or learn more about him in this rad video.