March 28, 2011

Big Surf, Big Heart: Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is known for his surfing, his music, and now he’ll be known for helping lost puppies find a home. Prior to winning his 10th ASP championship, Kelly was in Puerto Rico and he found a scroungy-looking beach dog, a female who had some cuts and open sores on her body. After taking the dog to the vet for treatment, they discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to 8 puppies 2 weeks later. As of now, 6 of the puppies have been adopted. Now the champ is throwing in some incentive to whoever is willing to give a home to the last two puppies. He’s offering a signed, personalized Channel Islands Kelly Slater model surfboard and a Quiksilver surf backpack, complete with surfing merchandise, for each dog adoption. Click here for the full story and contact info to adopt the puppies.