April 20, 2009

Balaram Stack Easterns 3 x 10′s = 4 finals?

New York. Big City, Tall Buildings. Lots of People. Thriving surf scene? Kidding me? Damn straight homey! Balaram Stack is changing the face of New Yorks scene by becoming the most recognizable surfer out of the Big Apple in 30yrs! Most recently by being the only surfer to have an opp at 4 different titles! He also was the only surfer dropping 3, 10pt. rides at the NSSA Easterns! Balaram brought home the largest paycheck available at the event-$500 for a frontside alley oop air that scored…..u guessed it….a 10! 

1st Airshow- $500,  1st Explorer Jrs. , 2nd Explorer Mens, 4th Open Mens balaram_2581