June 16, 2014

A Road Trip to J-Bay

South African Quiksilver team riders Slade Prestwich, Beyrick De Vries, Michael February and David Van Zyl were recently at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay. As the crew of frothers arrived, so did the swell. The waves turned on as stiff offshore winds and corduroy lines wrapped into the bay resulting in a firing lineup.

Look out for our global team Jeremy Flores, Tiago Pires, Travis Logie, Aritz Aranburu and Freddy Patacchia all making their way to the iconic right hand point break to compete in the ASP J-Bay Open from 10 to 21 July.

Photographer: Luke Patterson, Video: Steve Michelsen

IMG_3529_©Patterson IMG_3585_©Patterson IMG_3589_©Patterson IMG_3651_©Patterson IMG_3680_©Patterson

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