February 3, 2009

30 Second Q&A With Kauai’s Jesse Guglielmana

 Quiksilver’s 14yr old Kauai team rider Jesse Guglielmana has been flying well and truly under the radar lately. Without much fanfare, the quiet natural footer has climbed the ranks of the NSSA Open Jr’s division and is within striking distance of the ratings lead at the time of this rapid fire, Q & A prior to the NSSA Turtle Bay Event. 30 seconds with Jesse G.-  Haky   

Q. Reef break or beachbreak?   Reef break.
Q. Rap or Rock?   Rock.
Q. My Space or Facebook? Neither.
Q. Red or Black?     Red.
Q. Perfect and crowded or average and empty?    Average and empty.
Q. J Bay or Honolua Bay?   J bay.
Q. Cover Shot or Win a Contest?   Cover shot.
Q. Trestles or Pine Trees?   Pine Trees.
Q. Airs or barrels?  Barrels.
Q. Carve or slide?  Carve.
Q. Pintail or swallow tail?  Swallow tail.
Q. Bob Marley or Bob Dylan?  Bob Marley.
Q. Goofies or Regulars?  Regulars.

Q  Silvana Lima or Gisele Bunchen? Gisele Bunchen.
Q. Superbank or Bank of Hawaii?  Superbank.
Q. G String or granny panty?   G string of course
Q. Would you rather have the power to fly or breathe under water?   Breath under water.

mike Coots

No barrels this day? foto: mike Coots