August 24, 2010

2010 NBVC Point Mugu Surf Contest

The Pt. Mugu Surf Contest Presented by Quiksilver took place this past weekend on the Naval Base in Ventura County.    This is an annual event out at Pt Mugu and has been running now for 3 years.  This weekend, we were greeted with perfect surf and sunny skies.  With the perfect surf and sun, the event saw an estimated 9,000 people attend the two day event to support the military and watch the surfing.  Once again, this year’s event filled up quickly with 180 entrants competing for the prestigious trophies that the military makes using old bullets and grenade cases.  In addition to the unique trophies,  all of the finalists received a ton of prizes, and in each competitor’s gift bag they received authentic Dog Tags.  During both days of the event, the surf was absolutely pumping in the 4-6 foot range and sets as big as 10 feet on the face.  There were multiple broken boards, egos,  and leashes, but no injuries.

The highlight of this year’s event was no doubt the level of talent in the finals of the military division and when Quiksilver’s team rider Dane Reynolds, who is currently ranked #4 in the world on the ASP World Championship Tour, made an appearance on Saturday.   He jumped in the water to surf with the Quiksilver Union Accounts for one hour.  This was purely just a one hour demo where Quiksilver invited some of their core shops to come out to the event and sample the perfect surf that Pt Mugu is known to produce.  Dane was constantly in the tube or launching huge rotated aerials that had the crowd cheering.   When Dane hit the beach, he signed multiple autographs and took photos with his fans, which included some of the military.  In addition to the surfing event, Quiksilver premiered Julian Wilson’s new film Scratching The Surface.  Everyone was stoked with the chance to see the film.

It was an absolute honor for Quiksilver once again to be involved with the event and to have the opportunity to give back to the military who does so much for us on a daily basis. Special thanks to our Troops, Capt. Jim McHugh Commanding Officer Naval Base Ventura County, Dan Alpern, and all of the sponsors.  If you missed this year’s event, make sure you sign up early if you want to compete or just make the drive and come out to watch.  It is an amazing event and one not to miss.

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Military final is from left to right (Nick Barringer, Brent Travis, Matt Merel, Jonathan Flick, and Captain Jim McKugh)

Men’s Final from Left to right (Matt McCabe, Matt Merel, Jeremy Ryan, Jesse Mota, and Keoni Cuccia)

Runner up in Military Jonathan Flick was a stand out the entire event but came up short to repeating champ Matt Merel

Dane Reynolds riding the foam ball the entire wave in the pit

Dane Reynolds with two stoked gentlemen from the Navy

The Scratching the Surface Premiere shot is Strider,Dave Rosenberger and his boys, Todd Kline, Navy Marketing Director Dan Alpern

The Young Guns Finalist from left to right (Joe Rickabaugh, Jake Kelly, Jacob Davis, Matty Parker)