February 4, 2009

Update 2 from Red Bull Snowscrapers in NY

Grant spoke too soon when he said he’d brought the California weather with him to New York City, as Tuesday ushered in a massive snowstorm to the island of Manhattan, dumping almost a foot of new snow on East River Park, the location of Thursday’s Red Bull Snowscrapers event, starring Quiksilver’s Travis Rice, as well as Shaun White, Pat Moore and 13 more of the biggest shredders in the sport of snowboarding.  Check out today’s photos to see the progress; crews are no longer scrambling to make snow – now they’re scrambling to clear it and pack it down for the gnarliest big-air hip contest NYC has ever seen.  Latest news from the event site is riders are about to test the jump, in preparations for tomorrow’s show.  Stay tuned for more!