March 22, 2012


Quebec city

What happens when you take 6 riders a filmer, a photographer, an art director and a writer put them in a van and embark on a trip of epic proportions (as epic as they can get crammed in a van) to Quebec City?

You get a very memorable trip with some of your close friends and you even make a couple new great friendships on the way. In february Bryan Fox, Will Lavigne, Danimals, Johnny Brady, Alex Beebe, Ted Borland, myself (filmer Trent Ludwig), photographer Mark Welsh, art director Mike Beach and writer Liam Gallagher flew out from various locations around the US to take part in a 10 day trip that had a real loose plan. The plan was to have a good time, shoot photos, film hammers, discover Quebec City and Party. Not a bad plan.

Bryan Fox

Will lavigne


Danimals in the deep, this is why the guy smile so much.

Johnny Brady

Alex Beebe

Ted Borland

Trent Ludwig

Photographer Mark Welsh

Mike Beach, Art Director

Writer Liam Gallagher

We had a 12 passanger van with 10 people in it most of the time as well as generators, snowboards and a whole bunch of other shit that ends up in a van on a road trip.

stacked up van, boards, generator, packs, candy, garbage, all good things

It just kept snowing and snowing the whole time in quebec

Mark Welsh stoked on the snow

What its about

lights to get the shot, flash's and Arri's

Will lives just outside of Quebec City in Stoneham, so we started the trip of there, getting everyone loaded in and heading into the city to see what we could make happen. Will is the best guy to go out with in Quebec, he knows the city really well and has a good eye for finding new spots while driving around. The city is so sweet, probably the most beautiful city in north america it sits right on the St. Lawrence river which provides amazing views at all hours of the day. Will would lead us around in his truck with his drop in ramp and alot of the stuff that didn’t fit in the van.

driving in Quebec City is amazing, cathedrals everywhere, just an amazing place to look at architecture. following Will all day.

Quebec city, view from Levis, castle on the right looking across the St. Lawrence

The castle is cool to check out. It has a sick ice slide with toboggans to luge down this crazy fast track.


Ice luge, gets sporty at the bottom, right here they are hauling ass

We roamed the streets day and night. Most of the time I (Trent) would be driving and everyone else would be passed out in the Van, then we would show up at the spot and everyone would perk up really quick. Checking out spots and discovering new places is the most enjoyable part of the whole thing. Watching the riders minds run at each spot about what tricks they could get into was cool, it was creativity in motion.

Checking spots

group activity, checking spots

Once we had something where a few of the crew would want to ride the whole team would pull together and build the set up, jump, drop in, ect and make it happen. It was sweet to see everyone enjoying hanging out and snowboarding together. Here is will at a classic spot.

Will Lavigne about to drop

Will Lavigne tail press

I asked the team for some words about their trip, this is what they had to say about our good times…

Bryan Fox

Lumerjack Fox

The trip to Quebec City came at the end of an around the world journey for me. I had flown from Portland to China, China to Germany, drove to Austria, then Czech Republic, then back to Germany, then flew from Germany to Quebec City. I was pretty exhausted by the time I made it to QC. The van style was incredible. Shit everywhere, total junk show. 15 passenger van with the middle seat taken out for room to store boards, lights, photo gear and other random what nots. I had been to QC twice before and had great trips both times.

•QS: Tell me one memorable story from the trip…

With all the new kids I was interested to see how shit would go. This was definitely a bigger crew than normal. 6 riders, 2 photographers and 2 filmers. It turned out to be amazing, we would get to a spot, some guys would be feeling it, guys who weren’t would help out digging or go set up some hip or odd kicker off to the side to fuck around on. It felt a lot more like a trip with friends then a standard rail trip.

Will Lavigne

Will Lavigne

It was good to have the crew up there. Snow was good and we had good spots to hit too. It was the first time there to most of the boys ,actually the first time out of the US for Danimals. I think everyone had poutine or a side of poutine somewhere in their meal everyday. Some were trying to speak french, Danimals favorite sentence was : Tu es jolie. 6 riders, a dirty van, good snow, no injuries, a few nights out at the bar, good overall.

•QS: Tell me one memorable story from the trip…

Every mornings while everybody was getting ready to go out and being kinka slow, Danimal was already strapping in or shoveling snow in my backyard. He just loves it.

Danimals gets some


Who knew gingers had blue hands. Danimals

This was my first time ever going quebec and leaving the country as well.  I didn’t really know what to expect coming in to Quebec City but when we got there it reminded me a lot of back home (St. Paul, MN).  The city is really big and it has lots of smaller suburb city’s around it, and not many people spoke very good english so i thought that was cool.  Being in the van was the most unique part of the whole trip, we were all on the same schedule and we did pretty much everything in the van, we would eat in the van, sleep in the van, sing in the van, pack into the van, tell jokes in the van, look at girls in the van, we did typical van stuff.

•QS: Tell me one memorable story from the trip…

When we were at this spot where you had to ollie over a fence and into a down ledge and Will was trying to switch ollie into it which was crazy and a cop came and said he had one more try so he went back up to try it again and he did it, i thought that was so sweet that the cop let us stay.  We also found a sweet sled at that spot and rode it around which was also really fun.

Alex Beebe

Alex Beebe

Quebec was a really good time. It was awesome to have the whole gang out there. Everyone fits together really well and there is rarely a dull moment. I had been to Quebec before, but not really to film or anything like that. The architecture is super cool which makes for some awesome spots.

•QS: Tell me one memorable story from the trip…

The best times on the trip were staying at the Ozone, hitting a spot and heading straight to the club afterwards. I’ll never forget that night it was amazing. And also, the little jumps we were building at every spot out of snowbanks really hit it off.

Ted Borland

Ted took over the 16mm for some time. getting his filmer style on here.

Quebec was awesome.  Straight up rail riding heaven.  So many spots, so much good snow, and just a cool place to visit in general.  I got to eat poutine almost every day,  and we got to go to all of the classic spots.  I couldn’t really ask for more than that  I’ve always wanted to go there but never made it, even though i grew up only a few hours south of the border.  Im psyched to say that this trip was my first trip there, cuz we hit it real good.  The crew was rad, the timing was right, and Will is pretty much the best guide you can ask for.

•QS: Tell me one memorable story from the trip…

I’m sure someone else has my back on this one…B-Fox’s motivational speech on the way to the red ledge.  None of us really had anything for it so we didnt know if we really wanted to go, but all it took was Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and a motivational speech from Bryan, and it was on.  There was no turning back at that point, and it ended up being a really fun time.  Just having B Fox hanging out with us on the trip was pretty all time.

red ledge, classic spot

Johnny Brady

Johnny Brady

This was my first time to Quebec city but I had heard that there were awesome spots to snowboard and the city was beautiful.  It ended up being so much better than I thought and I was psyched on the great food and all the pretty girls too.  I knew pretty much everyone on the trip and it was cool seeing that group work and how being in the van brought us all together.  Van life was pretty classic; it was our mobile base and we all more or less became a part of the van.  I especially liked being in the van with Mark and Bryan.  Watching them poke at each other every now and then and hearing Marks jokes was pretty great.  It definitely helped the morale of the group when were looking for motivation.

A 10 day trip can be tough especially for a guy who is get lagged and worked from a month of already traveling and filming his video part. Fox was a trooper on this trip, he did fall asleep everywhere but he was the most motivational guy on the whole trip. The boss catchin some shut eye.

classic Fox.

We shot from sun up and well into most of the nights on the trip. Trying to eat while you are out snowboarding can be tough we ended up eating at gas stations very often and regularly visiting the american embassy McDonalds.

Gas station lunch almost everyday

instagraming at the american embassy of canada. McDonalds

One of the last nights in town we ended up having dinner with the VG crews and the nike crew, it was a real meeting of the minds in street snowboarding. Ate some amazing indian food and saw some friends from all over north america.

Went to dinner with almost the whole street snowboard scene one night. L-R, Danimals, Will Lavigne, Mike Beach, Louif Paradis, Ted Borland, Bryan Fox, Chris Carr, Hayden Wrench, Jed Anderson, Jake Kuzyk, Alex Beebe, Justin Bennee, Johnny Brady, Alex Cantin, Greg Desjardins

The trip was all time. It was the largest group I have ever been on a filming trip with. Everyone got along really well and some great friendships were formed. I would like to say THANK YOU to all the riders on the trip, you guys killed it and a big hell yeah for working so hard. If there was one thing that I took away from this trip it was, that getting out and discovering new things with friends is one of the most gratifying feelings in the world.

innovative lighting techniques, Trent Ludwig

Took alot of photos of churches they are everywhere and nice to look at. Thanks for reading to the bottom of the story

Van life


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The full story from this trip will be in snowboarder mag, hitting the stores in the fall of 2012 as well.

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t. Ludwig