February 29, 2012


Looking over the top of Parliament.

The second trip of the season took us on an adventure to the East of the US. Myself, Ted Borland, Johnny Brady and Danimals all flew out to Buffalo NY after hearing of some lake effect snow in the area. We showed up to NY right in time for a massive melt down and temperature spike, meaning less then ideal snow conditions. We decided to go north to Canada to get into some colder weather and snow. Danimans hadn’t received his passport yet so he bailed home while Johnny, Ted and I headed up to meet Alex and Will in Ottawa.

Will Lavigne

Johnny Brady

Johnny Brady

Alex Beebe

Ted Borland

Trent Ludwig

Trent Ludwig

It was our first time to Ottawa, the city is amazing full of really cool looking buildings and some solid spots. We had a really hip mini van for the trip it was packed to the ceiling with filming and snowboarding shit. We fit 5 guys plus all of out gear in this thing everyday. The best thing about renting a minivan for the trip was when we checked out spots at schools we wouldn’t look that sketchy, we fit right in with all the other mom vans.

Minivan life. packed up

Hitting spots all day, we would hit up this Mexican spot called Ahora in the middle of the city. Couple mid day beers and massive burritos never hurt anyone. VG was there filming in Ottawa as well and we would regularly meet up with those guys for lunch at that spot.

Ahora is the lunch spot in Ottawa, Mexican food with the crew

building art

Ted into the white

Hotel living was in full effect on this trip. We had 1 room for 5 dudes so it was a real cool dude stew. The room smelled so horrible toward the end of the trip, so bad it was hard just to hang in the room, the collection of 5 pairs of snowboard boots started to smell really bad quickly. Instagram was in full effects as usual, follow @quiksilversnowboarding to keep up on every trip we are on.

Hotel life

Will always on the instagram

Will Lavigne high tech mobile dryer

The Trip was amazing, we had snow, sun some frigidly cold temperatures and an epic crew of dudes. A solid second trip for the year.

Group shot. Ted Borland, Will Lavigne, Johnny Brady, Alex Beebe

Beebe found a frozen rabbit

edgy frozen rabbit photo

Ottawa River and Parliament

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t. Ludwig