February 23, 2012



the city

As the season got going Will Lavigne, Matt Belzile, Alex Beebe, photographer Ashley Barker and I (filmer Trent Ludwig) headed up North to start the filming season off. Will had been in Colorado hanging with all of the Quebec guys riding Keystone, Matt and Alex had been riding the park in Whistler and I had been patiently waiting for the snow to fall in Portland. We got our act together and decided to meet in Calgary. I drove up from Portland to Vancouver to pick up Matt and Alex. Will had the luxury of flying in, lucky guy he got to avoid the 12 hour drive from Vancouver to Calgary. We took forever to get out of Vancouver, pretty classic for road trips, driving through Revelstoke and over Rogers pass we drove through the night to arrive in calgary some time around 2am.

The snow was a bit slim while we were there, but we searched out some spots that had enough to make it happen. Calgary is pretty sweet, the background for the 88 Olympics and the theme city of the movie ‘cool runnings’. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm and made for one hell of a trip.

I asked the guys for a little insight on their trip, this is what their story looked like.

QS: How was the trip to Calgary for you?

Alex: The trip was pretty good for the first trip of the year. it was good to get back at it, finding and hitting spots again. as fun as it was though i did get hurt twice which sucked.

Matt: Considering how much snow there was and the fact that it was the first trip of the year I think it went well.

Will: I was exciting to hit new rails and new spots. It was the first trip of the season so I took it mellow. The snow was missing a little bit, we could see some grass in some spots and we had to do some digging in others.

Matt Belzile

Will Lavigne

Alex Beebe

QS: What was the most enjoyable part of the trip?

Alex: Probably just the fact that it was our first trip and we were snowboarding again. and instagram.

Matt: The last day of the trip we went to a play ground that was on a slope and just did some fun mini boarding. Definitely, a good way to end a trip.

getting into spots

Alex Beebe over the fence

QS: Did you guys get kicked out of any where?

Matt: We got kicked out by a security guard, I offered him 100 bucks cash that I was waving at him and but he didn’t take it.

Belzile focused on...

his phone, instagram takes up about 90% of the trip follow @quiksilversnowboarding

QS: Any hammers thrown out on the trip?

Alex: There were definitely a few bangers. I would have to give the superhero award to will for this trip.

What do you think Will got?

QS: Who has the best instragram posts?

Alex: I’m gonna go ahead and say quiksilversnowboarding’s/ Will’s jerk off post was the best. follow @quiksilversnowboarding on instagram to get the whole story.

Matt: Probably Beebe. He’s pretty on it

Will: Belzile is on his phone non-stop. He probably wins. Or that girl I know from back home posted a photo of her wearing a bikini, pretty dope!

Will Lavigne Instagram bunny

best tailgate in calgary

new way to check out spots, Will Lavigne

QS: Tell me a story about the trip?

Alex: I was really stoked to be shooting with will and matt. it was a good crew and everyone already knows each other so it made it fun. Im used to sleeping on floors and eating shitty food on trips, it was nice to have a bed and some good food for once.

Beebe checking out a spot

Matt: We drove 12 hours to from Vancouver to Calgary. Drove through rogers pass in the middle of the night while it was snowing. Fucking sketchy. But we made it. The first rail we hit was a perfect down rail, which was ideal to get warmed up and get the trip started. There was barely enough snow so every spot we went to was a shit ton of work to set up but we made do. Everyone on the trip got shots and got the ball rolling for the filming season. Beebe tweeked his ankle a couple days in but was a team player and still came out to every session to support the crew. I think Will was definitely the MVP of the trip with his antics and all the shots he got.

Rogers pass

Rogers pass glory light

Will: We stayed at best western the whole week. I was amazed to see how they can serve such crappy breakfast. It was some kind of yellow circle that they would claim to be an egg and a “hard cat poo looking” sausage. See the photo attach.

Will morning breakfast at the hotel

That was the first trip of the season. For me the trip was great. Had nice weather to shoot in the whole time, had a great crew to hang with. Shot some really cool rails. Got to see Carlino and his crew of guys out there. Fun times, and a great start to the season .

Tools of the trade

Rogers pass

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Watch out for the video from this trip coming this fall with teasers and leaks throughout the season and summer.