November 4, 2008

Surfside Sports Snow Carnival

Blake Choate: Jamey I’m hurting from Halloween, man.  I almost lost my breakfast just
driving to Surfside this morning.  Why are we here so freaking early?

Jamey Beeson:You mean you got Lupe Fyiasko last night in your Lederhosen suit! When
you knew that we had the Surfside Snow Carnival starting at 7. Man please don’t hurl on me!!

BC: Thanks for the update.  NOT.  My stomach is doing flips watching these groms
drink milk.  What’s up with all the dairy?

JB: The Gallon Challenge is amazing! The challenge is the first kid to drink 1
gallon of milk in 1 hour wins a snow jacket or goggles. Man the kids think
they can chug milk like no tomorrow. I have never laughed so hard in my
life! 5 minutes into the challenge they can’t stand milk!

BC: Good thing it is hot out here today.  This whole ice water and gold
chocolate nuggets thing does not look fun.  Why would anyone do that?

JB: The Artic Blast challenge, is another amazing event! We fill up a 10 gallon
bucket up with 6 bags of ice add a few healthy veggies and water and we have
the Artic Blast! The Golden Nugget is placed at the very bottom of the Artic
for the ultimate Artic experience. If you grab the Golden Nugget “only using
your mouth” you win a snow jacket or goggles

BC: Well as usual it was fantastic doing an event with you on the weekend and I look forward to the next one this weekend.  NOT.  Tony Hawk Foundation here comes the Killer B’s.  Stay tuned for more fun blogging from Beeson and Blake at the “Stand Up For Skateparks” event.