March 30, 2009

Quiksilver Mammoth Unbound Park Crew Party

The only thing crazier than the Unbound parks at Mammoth this season was the Quiksilver party for the Mammoth Mountain Unbound Park Crew at Whiskey Creek on Friday. Quiksilver’s been partnering with the Unbound Parks crew for some years now, and those guys do a damn good job. It started mellow… Some eats and drinks… Then the DJ came on and it was over 400 people packed. The likes of Quiksilver’s Austin Smith, Roxy’s Alexis Waite & Amber Stackhouse were tearing it up with Quiksilver TM Brian Craighill and Roxy TM Jessica Dalpiaz and a ton of Mammoth Mountain’s Park Crew, Employees and Retailers from the Mammoth area and California area.

Next thing we saw, the pool tables converted into stages for… Gogo dancers? Really? Weird… But it was all good! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their hangovers the next day @ the Quiksilver Cluck Off and Roxy Chicken Jam.

Props to the Unbound crew who keep the parks at Mammoth pristine and brilliant season, after bloody season!

Mammoth Unbound Park Crew

Dave R, Kristi & Roxy McKnight

One Way's Dave & Friend, Willy Morris & Dave Rosenberger

Drew Dolkas with Surfside's Duke & his wife Kathy & Michelle LeBlanc

Gayle & Tom Holbrook with Friend

Jessica Dalpiaz & Brian Craighill

Austin Smith

Tully, Austin Smith & Sean Keough

Beautifull Mammoth Ladies