October 12, 2012


Bryan Fox took a trip to AK with Travis last season for 2 weeks. They learned alot about each other on that trip, but apparantly Fox wants to know more, here are 10 questions from Fox to Travis.

BF: 1st sense of accomplishment.
TRice: Latching on to the boob…

BF: 1st date
TRice: Sandbox, Recess, 2nd Grade. Nothing to report.
BF: 1st emotion
TRice: Love, no doubt.
BF: 1st snowboard
TRice: K2 Fatbob, green, thanks Santa.

BF: 1st tape/record
TRice: Top Gun Soundtrack on Vinyl!

BF: 1st time surfing
TRice: San Clemente, 17, couldn’t figure out which way to go…

BF: 1st 1st place
TRice: I believe County fair for my golden retriever’s behavior. Age 6?

BF: 1st trip out of country
TRice: Age 13, Bike tripping around Europe and following air shows with the US Team doctor.

BF: 1st memory of fear
TRice: I forgot, I’d rather be happy.

BF: 1st time sailing
TRice: Pine Lake, Sunfish. In Michigans’ U.P.